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For someone who is not particularly good at talking about herself let alone write down who I am, this page has been the most difficultIMG_1384[1] to write. Give me a topic on health, fitness and wellbeing and I can talk and write till the cows come home. However rather than leaving the page blank and for those of you who have taken the time to view my page and do not yet know me, I have given it my best shot.

Some Personality Pointers

Firstly let me start by saying that my star sign is Taurus – The Bull!
I am a typical Taurean, calm, controlled, passionate, practical, strong willed and determined. I believe very strongly about the power of exercise and the changes that it can and will make to your life.

  • Qualifications, Level 2 Gym, Level 3 Personal Trainer, First Aider, Metafit instructor
  • I am ambitious and enjoy hard work
  • I work well under stress
  • Fitness & Exercise is my passion and always has been, I enjoy and thrive on working out (its great for releasing stress)
  • I practice what I preach
  • I believe strongly in all areas of wellness & alternative therapies & how each can help in different ways
  • I don’t believe in quick fixes….there really is no such thing!
  • I am definitely a people person and enjoy working with new people
  • Taureans’ are passionate about their love of good food and I am no exception, especially desserts.
  • I love Red wine and Galaxy chocolate

Growing into Myself

This has been a gradual process over the years my previous career as a PA has probably had the most positive effect on who I am now. The strengths that I have in relation to how I feel within my body have grown over the last 4 years in particular. This was predominately down to learning how to deal with my work life stress. I am at a point now that I know exactly how my body feels or how it will react to a food type or a different type or form of exercising. I have body awareness and that doesn’t mean that I love my body all the time, I still have issues just like everyone else, but it makes me learn from how I feel and I am usually able to translate that over to my clients. I can empathise with them as to how they feel when they run or not as the case may be, what it feels like when they want to train but “cant be bothered”, these I understand all too well.

Becoming a Personal Trainer

I was lucky enough to have trained with another Personal Trainer a number of years ago and I learned a lot from her experience it also let me see that I loved training people. She inspired me to take the extra step and to become a personal trainer, this involved booking myself onto the relevant courses which I did at weekends as I was still working full time, getting the qualifications was a great feeling and I have never looked back.

I have always exercised throughout my life in various different ways therefore becoming a Personal Trainer was my Aha moment.. it was the most obvious next step, as this allows me to live my passion everyday and also pass this onto others. I can honestly say that I love my job, even when I am getting up in the mornings in the middle of winter and it is still dark!

So hopefully if you have read this page in its entirety I haven’t bored you to death, you will have a bit of an idea as to who I am and what I love.

My passions and goals are to train you next and I look forward to meeting you whenever that may be.

Call 0141 639 6648 to book a session
Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown

Personal Trainer & Owner at C & Believe Fitness
Exercising to me is a way of life, At C & Believe Fitness you will Feel Better within yourself, you will Feel Healthier and you will Feel Fitter. Call 0141 639 6648 / 07971 698 390 today or Email me at caroline@candbelieve.co.uk for a FREE evaluation of your fitness needs and goals.
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown

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