Weight Loss Plateau

The weight-loss plateau, you don’t need me to tell you it can be extremely frustrating. You’re doing everything right, sticking with your tried-and-true food and exercise routine, which for weeks has reliably shifted the number on the scale steadily downward, and all of the sudden … nothing. You step on every morning for days, even weeks, in a row, hoping for a little numerical encouragement, but your weight won’t budge.  The dreaded weight Loss plateau

Weight Loss Plateau – The Reasons

A Weight-loss plateau can happen for a number of reasons, the main one being that people aren’t actually sticking with the same routine they followed when they first started dieting.  It quietly creeps in that you start to eat more calories without actually meaning to i.e. your portions start to increase, life gets in the way, you start to feel hungry all the time (or so it seems) it may even become a bit of a chore to be thinking about food all the time and what to cook.  At the beginning of your new plan you go to great lengths to ensure that you drink enough water, organise your breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance.  You don’t eat out much and when the biscuits get passed around at tea break you decline (feeling strong).

But over time, you tend to ease up on the reins, and the weight loss plateau kicks in, you cannot understand it, you are still “being good” but gradually your calorie intake creeps upward, your weight-loss pace will most definitely slow, or perhaps even come to a halt. If you hit a weight loss plateau within the first month or two of starting a diet, an unintentional increase in your food intake is a likely cause. So, keeping a constant, watchful eye on portions and continuing to monitor your portions and calorie intake really is key to success.

But what if you truly are maintaining the same diet and fitness plan, just as strictly as on day one, and the scale still reaches a standstill? If you fall into this bucket, and you’ve been dieting for several months, then it’s possible that your plateau is due to changes in your metabolism.

Weight Loss Plateau -How Your Metabolism Works Against You

There’s no question that your metabolism slows as you lose weight and this is where the weight loss plateau can kick in. That’s because, as your body size decreases, you use less calories to perform everyday activities, so your caloric needs drop. For example, a 160-pound woman who loses 20 pounds requires at least 100 fewer daily calories than she did at her heavier weight. If you continue eating the same number of calories, but your body gradually uses fewer and fewer every day, you may hit a plateau, often around the 4- to 6-month mark.

Unfortunately, the science of weight loss gets even more discouraging.  According to some research, an obese person who drops more than 10 % of his or her body weight may require 200 to 500 fewer calories at this new lower weight than someone who has always been at that weight.  This is known as metabolic adaptation and it may be one of the major reasons you hit that weight loss plateau and in turn gain weight back during this maintenance.

Weight Loss Plateau – How to Move Past (or Avoid) a Plateau

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to get past a weight loss plateau, or avoid regaining the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose, then a consistent exercise plan is key. By adding extra minutes to your workout and increasing your calorie burn from exercise, you can work to offset the natural decline in metabolism — and specifically, calories burned during physical activity — that comes along with weight loss. Exercising while dieting also helps you lose more weight as fat and less as muscle, which may to help to blunt the decline in your metabolic rate. Lastly, ramping up your exercise spares you from having to eat even fewer calories as you trim down and your calorie requirements fall.

That said, it may take a bigger exercise commitment than you’re used to.  So for example if you are exercising 2/3 times per week, try getting out for a walk on the other days, even a quick walk at lunchtime. There is no easy solution but if you keep focused and consistent, add small steps/changes every day you will see a difference.

Remember it is a Marathon…..not a sprint


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