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I noticed in April of this year that I felt really quite sluggish and that my trousers were not fitting anymore!!! The best decision I have made to deal with this was to speak to Caroline who I have trained with ever since, at least twice a week. I have lost weight, I have toned up and most surprisingly of all I actually started to think about what I was eating and drinking.

Caroline is dedicated, motivational and I cannot thank her enough for making me feel great about myself again and re-invigorate the tired old soul I had become. Life is great! Life is fun! Training is fun!! Do it and your life gets better!

David Walker
I started going to caroline at Candbelieve fitness 18 months ago and she totally changed my life, my body shape and my opinion towards food!!

Having been a "yoyo" dieter my whole life, I believed the less you eat, the more weight you'd loose! Now my opinion has totally changed and I now have a balanced diet, of the right foods, at the right times of the day, along with regular exercise which always pushes me....

I feel I'm in the best shape I have been in for years. Caroline's commitment to helping me achieve my goals has been 100% from day 1 and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes the same commitment & service.

Lorraine Connolly
Amazing transformation for a delighted Linda…

Have used Caroline as a personal trainer for almost a year now and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Training is tailored to suit my abilities and time constraints and Caroline’s encouragement and motivation have me well on track to being fit & healthy.

So much so that I have now persuaded by husband to join me in training sessions. If you don’t like gym’s that make you feel self-conscious c&believe is the place for you.

Linda Jamieson
If you are serious about getting fit, lean and healthy and want to get proper training sessions you should definitely choose Caroline Brown as your personal trainer.

In the privacy of her own well equipped gym Caroline will motivate and challenge you to achieve your best and ensure correct technique and posture at all times, advise with changes to your diet and support you psychologically. As a result, your body will feel just great – the way it’s supposed to.

I’ve been going for several months now and weekly I am able to do two sessions with Caroline, sets of daily circuits and a 10K run each week while working fulltime and looking after my family.

I have no more excuses because since I started my sessions I can see the results – I’m fitter, stronger and committed to healthy lifestyle. I would sincerely recommend Caroline to anyone who wants to make their fitness goals a reality. There is no negotiations with Caroline, you can do it and you will do it.

Lenka Balatova

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Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown

Personal Trainer & Owner at C & Believe Fitness
Exercising to me is a way of life, At C & Believe Fitness you will Feel Better within yourself, you will Feel Healthier and you will Feel Fitter. Call 0141 639 6648 / 07971 698 390 today or Email me at for a FREE evaluation of your fitness needs and goals.
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown

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