Snacks Under 200 Calories

We all crave snacks every now and then, especially when we have made a cup of coffee or tea, snacks do not need to be bad for you and if you make good informed choices they will actually benefit your daily nutrition intake. Listed below are some delicious everyday snacks to help you curb that grumbly tummy feeling.

Snacks Under 200 Calories – Office

The following are great office snacks and easy to make up and carry with you.

1/2 apple + 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, this snack is full of protein and fibre and will really keep you full (157 calories)

10 Carrot sticks + 2 tablespoons hummus (180 calories)

1/2 cup cottage cheese + mandarin oranges.  Good source of protein and calcium with an added sweetness of the fruit.  Low fat cottage cheese (97 cals per 1/2 cup) + 1 cup canned mandarin oranges (72 cals)

2 large hard boiled eggs.  This will provide 12g of protein in only 155 cals. Easy to make up in advance and keep in the fridge

Turkey and cheese roll up – roll out 1 ounce slice of turkey and 1 ounce slice of cheese (go for lower fat such as swiss) together  (140 cals depending on cheese)

Snacks Under 200 Calories – Treats

Here are some great ideas but what I would also class as treats, especially if you have settled down to watch your favourite box set or movie.

2 x 100 calorie bags of popcorn – popcorn is a whole grain and a good source of fibre, however microwave popcorn can vary so look for a plain popcorn thats free of trans fat and low in saturated fat.

10 baked tortilla crisps (120 calories) with 1/2 a cup of salsa – choose baked not fried and pair up with fresh salsa (42 calories) watch out for shop bought salsa it can be high in salt…check labels.

1.2 wholewheat pita + 1/4 cup of hummus – calories will vary for these snacks but approximately (85 calories) in 1/2 wholewheat pitta and a 1/4 cup of hummus has 93 calories both give a good snack combination of wholegrains and protein.

 Snacks Under 200 calories – On The Move

An apple + a cheese string, great for when you are on the move, have in your bag,briefcase going from one meeting to the next, or simply shopping. 1 stick low fat cheese string (60-80 cals) + a medium apple(126 cals).   The cheese has calcium and protein which will keep blood sugar from rising too quickly from the apple.

1/4 cup unsalted almonds, cashews, pistachios.  These nuts are all protein and fibre rich snacks, full of monounsaturated fats.  However nuts are high in calories so watch your portion control.  1/4 cup Almonds 155 cals, cashews 157 cals, pistachios 170 cals.


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