Okay so lets start off with the fact that we ALL need carbohydrates.   However it is the type of carbohydrates that we eat that can affect our weight, so the question is what type and how much carbs should we be eating?

Carbohydrates – Guidelines

Roughly 10 – 15% of dietary intake should be protein and approx 30% fat then that leaves the bulk of the diet – 50 – 60% to be provided by Carbohydrates.  This is an approximate as everyone is different and therefore some people will need a higher percentage of their energy to come from carbs and some people will need lower.  The amount of carbohydrate that an individual needs is determined by their energy expenditure and for the majority of the population this is 50-60%.  Athletes however will have a very high expenditure and they will require more energy from carbs anything upto 70%.

Carbohydrate is once it has entered the body is converted into glucose before it is utilised by the cells, it is stored in both the muscles and the liver (glycogen).  When the stores of glycogen become depleted through prolonged activity, starvation or a calorie restricted diet the body can manufacture usable carbohydrate.

Carbohydrates – Low GI

A low GI causes a smaller rise in blood sugar level after a meal.

Low GI diets have benefits for keeping your weight in check as then can help control appetite, delay hunger pangs and do not promote fat storage caused by a high insulin response.

Low GI diets show benefits for people with Type 1 and 2 diabetes as they can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin

Low GI diets (as I am always telling my clients!) can prolong physical endurance, in other words you can last longer working out by eating slow release carbs.


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Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown

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