Hydration – Water

So we all know that approximately 70% of our bodies is made up of water, or if you didn’t know this you do now!   But did you know the following facts…….

Bones consists of 22% water

Muscle consists of 75% water

Blood consists of 83% water

Our brains consist of 85% water…

Now this may start to explain to a few of you out there, particularly my clients, this is why I am always “nagging” about drinking at least 2 litres of water per day.   The positives are – lets say a few, such as, it helps with our digestion and nutrient absorption.  The more often you substiture water for a coffee, fizzy drink (god forbid), diluting juice etc etc the better you will start to feel, most of my clients have advised that by mid afternoon they realise that they do not have that “afternoon slump” mainly because they have been consistently drinking water throughout the day.   I know that when I have had 2 coffees and not my usual water intake I feel dehydrated for the rest of the day.

Our metabolism requires an adequate amount of water in order to function efficiently, when you are dehydrated it slows down your metabolism which in turn inhibits the calorie and fat burning process.  So therefore lifting weights until you are blue in the face wont do you any good if you are not drinking enough water.

I am always harping on to my clients about how water flushes out the toxins, so drink water regularly, ditch the juice, drink coffee and tea in moderation.

Fibre is as you all know a vital element to keeping your diet and bowels healthy, but what you probably don’t think about is how water helps fibre pass through our system….

Hydration – Water – hungry?

I think more so nowadays, people don’t understand or listen to their bodies the way they should, they confuse thirst with hunger, I know I still do too.  This is “dangerous” if you are trying to cut down as you may start to think that you have not eaten enough, whereas actually what you haven’t done is drink enough water.  So my suggestion is to have a drink of water when you think you are hungry wait 20 minutes and if you are still hungry then have something to eat.

Think about this before I finish,

If you have had enough sleep, but are still feeling sluggish and if you are not seeing enough or any fat loss despite you being “really” good and working out regularly, then focus on your water intake and make concerted effort to increase it – be consistent.

Hope this was helpful

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Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown

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Caroline Brown
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