Your muscles aren’t just fibres and nerves. They’re complex tissues that help you move and in the process, torch calories and fat to give you a lean, fit figure. So do yourself a favour and get to know them—they’re a lot more interesting than you might think.

 Muscles – hydration

Water transports nutrients to your cells and transports waste out of the body. You need water to move and flex your muscles if your body is dehydrated your body will be deprived of electrolytes and cramp. Your muscles are controlled by nerves and therefore without water and electrolyte balance, strength and balance will also be impaired. Therefore ensure you keep them hydrated when working out and always carry water with you.

Muscles – body weight

Muscle tissue makes up 35-40 percent of your body weight, so remember this when you are weighing yourself.

For every pound of muscle, the average person can burn up to 50 extra calories.  So working out with weights doesn’t seem so bad now!


 Muscles – Technique

Practicing good technique is the best way to increase strength, however think  when using weights, in other words it is not necessarily always about ramping up the weight, focus on the area that you are targeting, lets say it is leg day, so for example when you are squatting think about how the exercise is going to improve the look of your legs this in turn will make you work harder.

Whilst you cannot target a specific area for fat loss, you can work specific muscle groups to ensure you develop the tone and definition in say your shoulders or abs etc.

A single step uses almost 200 different muscles, including your hamstrings, quads, iliacus, and psoas major and minor. So think about walking more.

Your muscles memorize movement patterns. So if you end up taking a break from the gym—planned or unplanned—all your body needs is a few warm-up exercises to remember how to get into the swing of things.

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Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown

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Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown

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