PMS Hell

So ladies those premenstrual mood swings that can unfortunately plague us during the “time of the month” and crazy cravings come down to a shortage of the brain chemical Serotonin.   The only thing that helps with your PMS hell and it helps instantly, is to eat carbs, because that’s the only way the brain makes new serotonin, the serotonin boosters need to be eaten straight with no fat or protein (i.e. sweet potatoes or a whole wheat English muffin without butter – I know its sacrilege no butter!! but worth it).  Although we all think that reaching for the “sugar” i.e. chocolate anything is the fixer it is actually better to avoid sugar or limit it at least and reach for your complex carbohydrate, a list of which is provided below.
All-Bran Cereal                                                              Parsnips
Barley                                                                               Pinto Beans
Black Beans                                                                    Quinoa
Black-Eyed Peas                                                             Rice (Brown, wild and coloured)
Buckwheat                                                                       Rye
Bulgur                                                                               Split peas
Butternut Squash                                                           Spelt
Durum                                                                              Starchy Vegetables
chickpeas                                                                          Sweet potato
Green Peas                                                                       Wheat
Kidney Beans                                                                   Wheat Berries
Lentils                                                                                Whole Grain (breads, cereals and flours)
Oatbran Cereal

What to Eat – PMS Hell Diet

Breakfast – Cottage Cheese + berries + fortified OJ

Lunch – Spinach salad + salmon + low fat milk

Snack – Air popped popcorn (no butter) drizzled with fat free chocolate sauce

Dinner – Whole wheat pasta with garlic, mushrooms and onions in a tomato sauce

Calcium intake has been proved to improve PMS and also in some cases significantly reduce your PMS hell, by taking approximately 4 servings a day of low fat dairy such as low fat milk or skimmed milk, fortified Orange Juice and low fat dairy foods such as low fat yoghurt can help.


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