Whats New for 2014?

once you control your mindWell the new year has well and truly arrived, so whats new for 2014 for you?  Is it going to be one of those years that we all make resolutions about getting fitter, losing weight, being healthier and then 3 weeks (I’m giving you all the benefit of the doubt) down the line it all collapses.  Why does it collapse, is it because of the weather, its too cold to go out to the gym, I can’t be bothered, I’ll just have one glass of wine at the weekend, it all seems like too much effort!  There are probably lots of other “excuses” but ultimately the new you will not happen overnight or will it happen by sitting on the couch.

Whats New for 2014 – Goal setting

The new you needs to set yourself a goal or goals, these need to be realistic (wanting to look like Claudia Schiffer, when you are 5ft 4!) doesn’t work.  Why not be yourself but a better and new you that feels healthier and more energetic, that does not have to starve yourself because you think that is how you are going to be a size 10…..this is a FALSE idea, our bodies need energy and that energy comes from food.

The new you will be eating “cleaner” not eating processed foods or worse still fast food, I mean how fast is fast food anyway, really? You have to phone it in, or drive down to order, you then have to wait until they make it, you then drive home with it or they arrive delivering it to your door (lukewarm)!  All in all it probably took about half an hour minimum by which time you could have rustled up a chicken stir fry or home made curry and have time left over.

Whats New for 2014 – Achieving your Goals

The new you can very easily achieve these goal(s) that you will set yourself, don’t think marathon unless of course you normally train regularly, don’t even think 10k, think 5k initially.  This is your first small goal for the new you, set yourself a timescale to achieve this, this new person that you are starting to be will also be realistic and not give up when you miss a training night, there is always tomorrow. Break your goal down into segments, start by finding out how far you can go in say half an hour purely by walking, then work out your training programme from there and build up to it.

Whats New for 2014 – C & Believe Fitness

Whats new for 2014 for C & Believe Fitness well for starters we have a new Metafit class starting on Tuesday 7th January at 6pm this is going to be a new class of Metafit and Core work. The new class will be held in the 121 Scout Hall at Aidans Brae Road, Clarkston.

At C & Believe we will also be working with new clients helping them to achieve their goals and how they can learn to enjoy exercise and not see it as a chore or something you do to lose weight.

My personal goal this year is to hopefully see my business grow, as well as to improve my own personal fitness I want to push myself to the limits I have a big birthday this year so the challenge is on myself to “be the creator of my own destiny”!

Happy New Year


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Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown

Personal Trainer & Owner at C & Believe Fitness
Exercising to me is a way of life, At C & Believe Fitness you will Feel Better within yourself, you will Feel Healthier and you will Feel Fitter. Call 0141 639 6648 / 07971 698 390 today or Email me at caroline@candbelieve.co.uk for a FREE evaluation of your fitness needs and goals.
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